Friday, 10 February 2012


Been watching a lot of Bollywood TV (Watch for this word, will be talking about it a lot) ever since my baby sister grew up and knew what a TV is used for. Nma (My smarty baby sis) lives, breath, eat Bollywood (B4U Music too) and sad to say, its’ grown on me...

Ok, I lied here technically, I’ve been watching Bollywood Movies since forever, thanks to Papa (may his soul Rest in Peace). From MAAD, to Salaam Namaste, Kabhi Khushi Khabi Khan, Don, Players, Pyaar Impossible, Black (Rani killed that movie), brainiac ‘3 idiots’ tons and tons of Indian Movies...Whew, so I’m here (gister moi) to tell you the story of the one I watched last night...It’s called ‘Taare Zameen Par’. I love this movie because it’s not a love story but its love story (But seriously, those guys can love sha)... Anyway as I was saying, I love ‘for the special child’...I fell in love with Ishan and
Amir Khan and I think my 8th resolution is to start painting (I can hear Tochukwu saying

‘stupid’)...Back to my story telling...It’s about Ishan, he is a gifted child who paints a lot but his dad doesn’t want him to do that…His dad wants him to be more involved in school, sports and things a ‘normal’ child should be doing (? TIME: what is normal???)...He was bad in maths, English and basically was at the bottom of his class. His teachers hated him; his parents were embarrassed by him and thus sent him to boarding school. He felt bad and depressed and the once amicable, talkative and mischievous Ishan became lonely and quiet...Then enters my own Mr. Indian, Amir Khan, the art teacher who became Ishan’s mentor and best friend. He changed everyone’s mind set about art and painting by organising a painting competition that changed my own perception towards art. That boy Ishan is good. Mr. Amir Khan did not do badly either. Ishan got to improve in his academics and became a force to be reckoned with at school. His parents became proud of him mostly because of his talent.

The End.

Lessons learnt;

Let your child be whatever they want (Good things only ooo).
Encourage them, develop them, we can’t all be doctors, lawyers, bankers, astronauts, etc. Today we talk of Schubert, John Grisham, and even our own TY Bello and Chimamanda Adichie who is doing pretty well in photography and literature.

I planned to be a farmer but fear of what ‘they’ will say scared me. Please let’s encourage other people to be themselves. It’s not what the school or society wants. Its Gods will and what you want that matters OK.

So what do you say, was watching this movie a waste of my time???(Nah, don’t so...)
And why are you reading this???Don’t you have something to do now???(Just joking ~big grin~)

Bon journee