Friday, 27 April 2012


Another sad day in Nigeria...yesterday, the Boko Haram group strucked again bombing 'Thisday News Office in Abuja and another Complex  that houses The Sun newspaper, Thisday news paper and Moment news paper in Kaduna respectively killing several people.

Ok, the bombings aren't NEWS again but what I don't understand is their reason for doing it. Click HERE to read their supposed reason. (Can't vouch for the report but if it's true, it doesn't make sense. Yes, your war is with the government but why are we, 'the people', suffering for it). May God help us.

I'm glad for those that survived yesterday's attack. The government promises to support the media as they continue to propagate peace and spread truth (But will they be protected? If you were a journalist, would you resign at this point?)...Like I said, May God help us.

Will miss Coach Pep Guardiola of Barcelona FC . Hopefully, the new Coach, Tito Vilanova will fill in those great shoes and bring glory back to the club (I think they are still great)
Aren't you glad it's friday...
I'm feeling like Jimmy Fallon right now...Lol

Jimmy Fallon slow jam the news with Barrack Obama