Thursday, 26 April 2012

Model land

I'm totally in love with Tyra Banks new book 'Model land (September 2011)'.
It's fun, entertaining and it's fantasy...And it teaches 'Appreciating your uniqueness'. 

In my opinion,  I think you can relate with all of her characters. 
It's the story of 4 awkward-looking girls becoming something they never dreamt of being...One is short (4ft 7), the other is an 'Albino'. One has a broad forehead and mismatched eyes while the other is too Curvy and thick to be a model. Yet, despite their imperfections they were accepted into 'model land'.

After watching her Google's hang out last night, I started thinking, Why is it easy for us to 'wish' we were someone else? We feel other people are better than us? 
Oh!!! I wish I was taller, or darker, or hotter? Or didn't have facial hair?

If we aren't careful, We could become bullies

Hurting people with stick, stones and words just to get past our own insecurity.

Don't you think you are better than that?

That's why I think you will enjoy reading Model Land. 

Remember: Enjoy being YOU. 

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Naija News: When will the bombings in the North stop and what's this news about Our Oga CBN Governor Plagiarism another persons work.

Anyway, enjoy being your 'True Self'...
Pink- Perfect