Monday, 16 April 2012


What’s worse, being liked before being hated or being hated before being liked? 
What’s worse, being cooked before being eaten or being eaten before being cooked? (Sushi...)

Uh-mm, this is not my finest work I know. But a friend-less person like me,  just need someone to talk to.

I remember a line from a movie. I think it was an 'Olsen twin’s' movie. It says ‘the Grinch have a heart after all’. Truth is, maybe we ‘Grinch’s’ do. Assuming I’m a Grinch now.

Sometimes, I like being on my own. Basically for the sake of my grave-y mind. The silence. The tranquillity it affords me, help me think in a world where ideas collide, people fight, and everyone say the wrong things. But it’s a skill I need in this world (The people skill). 
It's called 'interpersonal skill' and it's in high demand by work places.

It's one skill I doubt I have, yet really need for my survival 'cos it seems that the quietness and tranquillity I depend on has run out. Still, it's one skill that might put me in trouble ‘cos I run my mouth a lot and the words that come out might be slimy. What’s a girl to do?

Maybe I do have a friend after all. Even though I don’t see Him. Even though I wish He was hanging out with me daily. Even though I get scared that I won’t live up to His standard. Even though I am stubborn sometimes and try to defy His will. Truth is, I can’t live without Him. He is the only one that gets me and loves me.

I get scared. Maybe strangers might smile at me on my wedding day. Maybe I will end up being faceless in the midst of smiles and hugs. Maybe, sunshine and rain will attend my funeral with my family saying their last goodbye. I don’t know. Just maybe.

But I am grateful for the gift of just having one friend. The one who loves me nonetheless. Maybe if I do as He asks, everything will be fine.
Barlow Girl- I believe in love
For now, the silence just sits with my thoughts saying nothing. Just two comfortable familiar people basking in the warmth of our desert yard.
I need to get away from it. But, how?  Doing my friend’s will?

What’s worse- Pleasing yourself or pleasing others?

 The Way I feel
Have a fulfilled week...


Remember: No one is an Island. Friends are tres important...