Friday, 4 May 2012

5 Insects you don't know you are eating


You might never have deliberately eaten an insect, however you have probably inadvertently consumed over a pound of insects in your lifetime (Yip, a pound of insect...Yuck). The question, how is that so, then arises?

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Mites: These are tiny white bugs common in wheat and other grains that have been stored for a while and in frozen vegetables. The most well studied of these mites are ‘Blomia tropicalis’, because of its abundance in tropical and subtropical regions and ‘Lepidoglyphus destructor’, which is commonly found in barns. So if you love storing grains in your cupboard for too long (rice, wheat, etc), you might just be compiling the number of insects you take in.

Maggots: If you’ve ever eaten canned food, you’ve probably also eaten a maggot. These disgusting little critters abound in things like canned tomatoes, tomato paste, canned fish, canned meat and anything canned. The additives added to the canned food not only preserve the food but in addition make room for maggots.

Fruit Flies: Fruit flies are most found in over-riped mangoes, oranges and most fruits. Most times, when a consumer buys a piece of fruit covered in fruit flies, he/she washed them off . However, consume a can of citrus juice and you’ll be swilling five fruit flies with every 8-ounce cup of juice because you can’t wash off the fruit flies in the Juice.

Corn Ear Worms: Corns are prone to insect infestations, but in most cases, it’s easy to avoid eating the earworms that burrow into corncobs by cutting the kernels off the cob. However, you are not that lucky with canned sweet corn.

Cowpea curculio/caterpillars: A can of cowpeas, beans or any field of peas contains an average of five or more cowpea curculio larvae, which will grow into dark brown, beetle-like weevils that infest
all manner of peas and beans.

Caterpillars are often found in frozen spinach. That is why it is often advised to buy food items dried and cook them yourself, rather than buying them frozen or canned.

Scientists in New York have found these to be true. It is virtually impossible that you have not ingested insects in one form or another during your lifetime (Ooops, Sorry!!!)

- Gotten from Channels news

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