Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Hanging out with my mind...

Another brisk and sunny day
Wondering what holds sway
Smelling fragrant flowers
Tiny bit of light showers
Still yet I wonder
It’s a brisk and sunny day
Folklores of a Lion giving birth, I remember grandma says’.

‘FOLKLORES by yours truly’
I know, I suck at this...But at least, I am using my brain.

I’ve learnt over the years to use my mind’s eye to see things; Imaginary things that are in themselves not achievable right now, but will definitely be achieved.

I’ve painted (My art teacher in secondary school killed my art dream~ I was too young to understand that it doesn’t matter what she says~), I’ve written short stories, I’ve acted and tried modelling.
Yes, anything we set our heart to do we can do. I always tell myself ‘just go with the flow and have fun with it’. Yes, you might not be perfect at it at first but the point is you’ve tried. They say we have not used our brain to the fullest and I definitely agree with them.
The mind and brain are interconnected. Just think, we have the most powerful computer in the world, right there, at our disposal, all it requires for it to work is YOU. Think!!! Man made the airplanes because he engaged with his mind. He thought, pushed himself and actualised his dream.
I am hanging out with my mind right now and you won’t believe how much fun we are having, thinking about what we can accomplish, like the poetry I wrote. Or the Lyrics I will show you now (Ok, its one paragraph and please don’t laugh).

Sitting up here all alone
Wondering what the hell went wrong
Got me thinking about what I am doing
The sound of the air conditioner, the swaying of curtains, papers flying all over
Got me inspired; I’ve got so much power
Power to effect change...

‘I drew my Inspiration from power supply ~Can hear You Scoff~ hehehehe... (Thank God there is light now. We usually don’t have much of that)’.

The point I'm trying to make is; let’s use our brain, eliminate ‘I can’t’ from our list of phrases and endeavour to be creative.

My mind and I are working up something we know you will like. Watch this space for it. (Didn’t say you should be schizophrenic ooo ~Lol~)

I’ve got to go.
Jessie J- Who you are

Chocolate day...
Thanks for reading :)