Monday, 7 May 2012

Corporate Naija

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So, my fun loving organisation started this new piece in our e-news letter titled 'Diary of  Corporate Naija'. It's objective is to capture 'the experiences of Nigerian workers' and I was priviledged to be featured...

Thanks BG :)

Here's my article. I was playing with my keyboard when I wrote it, so please bear with me :))

Corporate Naija? Whoever said that Nigerians are happy people were not mistaken. Really, we are suffering but happy. That’s why we go to work at 4 am and still try to smile through the day even in the face of our train-like movement called ‘Lagos Traffic Jam’.

Corporate Naija? Yes we smile sha. Looking for ways to make us happy when driving in our ‘Leggedez Benz’, admiring and yet disgusted at what some people do. Like, an Old- woman arguing with a bus conductor over ‘Why did you say I should Chill? (Seriously???)’ or our grumblings when these 'government people' blare their sirens all over when we are stuck in traffic.
Corporate Naija?  Our cars break down on 3rd mainland bridge and we pray that our smart-ass robbers don’t visit us while we are trying to fix it’. Yet, we still smile.
Corporate Naija? Stuck at the bus stop with over 100 people, going to the same destination as you with only 3 buses. What do you do? Stand and stare. Or, join en masse by entering through the windows and boots of cars.
Anyways, like they say, ‘No food for the lazy man’. It’s either you work or you die. But what I don’t understand is how at 5 pm while still donned on our suit, probably loosened tie, we still behave like the average mechanic by behaving rogue. Is this a case of ‘when in Rome, behave as the Romans?’
Corporate Naija? An occasion where love blossoms at every minute. Imagine seeing a cute guy at your bus station every day. (Let me introduce a little bit of Hollywood here; the rain starts and you have to share an umbrella with him), Una Yan, Una come dey hang out. See the trend? From familiar strangers to Lovers. Maybe, it will stay forever. All thanks to our beautiful corporate world. After all, nobody likes a liability. Don’t you want to marry someone who is working?
Anyways, I’m just rambling on and on. Life na ‘good, bad, and ugly’, anyhow you wan see am, you go get am.
Life of a corporate Naija person. I dey yan unto say I dey use Okada every day. May be, if I dey use jeep. I go get another Story.
What do you think of the piece? You like? What's your 'Naija story'???
Remember, I was trying to capture the Naija essence hence the 'pidgin english'.
Thanks for reading!!!