Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Take off those head phones!!!

*Sobs*  No more 'headphones at work'...

What do you think? Will it improve productivity or not?

Well, like they say, 'the process of peace involves looking at the other story'. So, to be fair, let's look at both sides of the coin. Headphones at work: Good or Bad???

Listening to music in the workplace is not a bad thing in itself. It sorts of gives you the 'do not disturb' feeling. It helps you get immersed in your work, that it seems like no one matters. I'm sure the IT guys can't do without them.

But, truth be told, when those headphones are there with the music blaring in your ear, You might: miss out on building important relationships with colleagues at work; miss out on osmotic information in the workplace that might jumpstart your career; miss out on that business 'IDEA' that might put you on forbes 100 list.

Oh, let's not forget the damage it will cause to your ear drum over time.

So, I ask again- Headphones in the workplace; Good or Bad?

Anyway, I felt sad when the 'No more headphone' news was announced at work (Really sad. Miss using my headphone) but I'm determined to follow the new rule. You should too...

Like Anne Kreamer of the HBR says; Some personal-bubbledom is necessary. But too much creates a lonely crowd.

You can get more insight on the subject by clicking here:HBR

How's your day so far???

Chat later...

Thanks for reading!!! :)