Monday, 11 June 2012

Mr. or Mrs. Perfect?

Good Afternoon Dear,
How was your weekend? I spent mine watching 'old romantic movies'. I cried at the 'NOTEBOOK'. Laughed at Kate Hudson antics in 'HOW TO LOSE A GUY IN 10 DAYS'. Still think the 'TITANIC is one of the best movies to be produced.
All the movies I watched had one resounding message. 'TRUE LOVE WITH MR. OR MRS. PERFECT'. (Though it wasn't all 'perfect' in the titanic. Jack died).

I've always pondered: 'Is it possible to find that 'Mr. or Mrs. Perfect', build a home with them, have kids, no quarrels and live happily ever after? (What do you think? Is it real?)

You want happiness, You want love, You want peace, you basically want the perfect relationship and You deserve it. Everyone deserves it.

Well, here's what I think:
We are all imperfect as such there's no perfect relationship. Just two people who are right for each other. No relationship between any two people is exactly the same except in one way, each relationship we have is imperfect in some way. When relationships last for long periods of time, it is not because the pieces two people bring together fit exactly together, but rather the pieces aren't the same so that they may be easily fused together.

So, don't be too close minded as to only look for a perfect Mr. or Mrs. Right when you are seeking someone to love. Look for a person that you think would compliment you the most, meanwhile you do the same for them. Look for someone who is willing to love you for who you are with your flaws and all, and someone that you know in your heart that you could love despite what flaws they may have as well. Reach for love with only one expectation, finding it.

Yellow- Cold Play

Also, remember to 'do unto others what you want them to do to you'. If you want trust, trust your partner as well.

Think about this: Perfect is not when two people are together. It's when you're both opposite but in that way you complete each other.

Enjoy your day.

Thank you so much for reading :)