Thursday, 5 July 2012

Congratulations Corp Members!!!

2 years ago I had the privilege of serving my father's land and earning some 'Alawi' as our allowances were popularly called. It was a new experience for us Youth corpers as we had to live in hostels, eat meals we hadn't eaten before, make new friends and wake up at 2 am everyday for paramilitary training (Missed my sleep then. Sighs.).
It was a time with less 'Boko haramish' wahala though the 'volatile' elections in 2011 killed some of my peers. It was really sad.

Today, bombings persists in the north and I was upset when I heard that some corp members were posted there. Anyways, there was a public outcry 'cos of this and so many corpers declined to report at their camp.

Thankfully, the NYSC has bowed to pressure from all concerned party and Corp members are being redeployed to other states.

My question is 'why were they posted to 'volatile states' in the first place?'...I guess the point of 'NYSC' is to serve our father's land while fostering peace and unity in the country. 'Will the purpose of NYSC be achieved if young Nigerian Citizens are posted to 'Crazy states' at this time'? You say they are safe, they will be protected, but 'we hear of police stations being bombed every other day'. Like someone says, why don't the NYSC headquarters be moved to Yobe or why aren't foreign students posted to Kaduna if it was that safe? Even the airlines has stopped its crew from staying in the north

My point is: Don't expose people to unnecessary danger...Every life is important...

Very thankful that those Corps members have been redeployed. Yes. I'm grateful.

Like we say in camp- 'Corpers WE'. Can I hear a 'WAAA' :=D

Thanks a lot for reading. Hugs!!!