Monday, 9 July 2012

Spirit Indestructible

Hey Dear,
How was your day? 
Remember 'Steven West' from the post 20,000 feet...Well, I just discovered a song made by Nelly Furtado dedicated to him and to all of humanity. It's called 'Spirit Indestructible'...
Please Watch it..Do you like it???
According to Nelly 'Spencer is a true hero who knows how to "redefine his possible" every day. I wrote this song in tribute to humanity, as I believe we are all capable of triumphing over whatever obstacle life brings. The spirit indestructible is in all of us. People like Spencer have proven this to me.'

Yes, we've all got that indestructible spirit (When there's life, there's hope). The question is, what do we do with ours?

Like I said the last time...Remember the story of 'the west'

Thanks a lots for reading :) Hugs!!!