Thursday, 2 August 2012

Be Thankful :)

 Hi Everyone,
Please cheer up. Why the sad face or the serious face? My friend Charity says that I should beg you to be thankful. Some people have it bad.
These are some reasons to be thankful. 
1. Be thankful for your wife and the magical closet she made. Each time you open it, there is a clean shirt
2. Be thankful for your pet. Always loves you unconditionally no matter what.
3. Be thankful for your pillow. Always ready to absorb your tears without complaining
4. Be thankful that even though you don’t have a job at least you afforded to get through college. So many couldn’t afford it.
5. Be thankful that you are alive. Am sure you know of someone that wasn’t so lucky
6. Be thankful that you are where you are at the moment
7. Be thankful for your friends. Some of them are impossible, some of them are nagging, some have annoying habits, some of them really get on your nerves, but believe me, having friends that care about you is a miracle
8. Be thankful for the guys who do cleaning at your office. Imagine just one week without them…
9. Be thankful for your parents. You probably dint have a very good relationship when growing up but like a wise man said, you never know your parents are right until you have your own teenagers who think you are wrong
10. Be thankful that even though you wont be having turkey, you are not going hungry- trust me so many people are not only going hungry today but some are even dying of starvation
Now that I have set the ball rolling, tell me what else you will be thankful for this Month…

Don't spoil the fun...
I'm thankful for wonderful friends like you who encourage me to write everyday. The audiences have increased drastically. I'm humbled. Thank You. 

Feedback's and constructive criticisms are welcome sha...Ose pupo...

Have an awesome day. Hugs :)