Tuesday, 25 December 2012


My yummy salad...Playing around with my food..Hehehehehehehehehe!!!!!!

Hello Dear,
Loved decorating my salad. Is it nice? :)
How was your day?
I loved today. Talked to my beautiful cousin in Paris, loved cooking with my sisters, watched the hobbit and back to blogging.
Every holiday reminds me to be grateful. Like Nicki Minaj said in her song 'Moment for life', ‘I’m not lucky. I’m blessed’.

Some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns;  I am thankful that thorns have roses. Alphonse Karr

Use today and forever to bless someone just like God blessed us. Share happiness, love and Joy. Life is worthwhile that way…

Song of today- Emeli Sande, next to me

Gotta run.
Enjoy the rest of your holiday J

“Let gratitude be the pillow upon which you kneel to say your nightly prayer. And let faith be the bridge you build to overcome evil and welcome good.” 
― Maya Angelou
Thank you so much for reading :)