Saturday, 15 December 2012

Moving past the wretched hollow....


The lyrics to Imogen Heaps ‘Wait it out’ is beautiful (I think it’s one of the most realistic and soulful song ever)…I don’t think I will ever forget the lyrics to the song… (In bits) ‘Where do we go from here? How do we carry on? Pain on pain, play repeating......Everybody says, time heals everything, what of the wretched hollow, the endless in-between, or we just going to wait it out….’

Yes, eventually time heals everything, it’s not a cliché…We do heal…But the question remains ‘How do we go through the process of healing? How do we survive the long path to a healing process- the wretched hollow, the endless in-between? How do you heal? How can we heal?
Someone once said ‘patience is not how long you wait, but what you do while you wait’…Have you suffered a crazy loss, what did you do while waiting for a healing?
I always recommend praying. Crying, grieving, being with friends and family are wonderful in themselves, but talking to the most high God really does help. He gives us his peace. He is always with us. When Dad died, my mom said we would lose our house and drop out of school for a while. We were hurting then. We were losing it all. Seeing mom cry a lot that period broke my heart. But we survived. Somehow, we passed through it, smiling. All my sisters continued with school and 2 of us are now graduates and our house- We are still creating lovely memories in it…
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Now, I can look at dad’s picture without giving into sad tears, I look at him with joy in my heart, knowing that I was blessed with one of the greatest gifts in the World.
It doesn’t change the fact though, that it was a dark period for me. It doesn’t change the fact that we get to dark periods. But really, time heals all wounds. God is always there with us, healing our wounds, mending our broken heart (Psalms 147:3).
Job’s story is another wonderful life lesson we can let guide us through dark times. Job lost his house, health, wealth, friends and family. Still, he stuck with God and persevered in prayer and came out a happy man. God was with Him and He is still with us.
The point I’m making is, the wretched hollow will come. We would get to the point where we would feel like we are drowned forever in our bizarre situation (it's really a crazy world..Been watching CNN), but really Time heals everything and sticking with the owner of Time, God, is our best bet as we wait it out….
‘If you love life, don’t waste your time, for time is what life is made up of…’ Bruce Lee

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Move on for the sake of your loved ones and remember to enjoy life and cherish every moment, for you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory…
Have a great day…Praying for you :)

God’s peace to the lil’ angels in Newton and to every one we loved and have lost…
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Thank you so much for reading…Hugs!!!!! J