Tuesday, 29 January 2013


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Would never forget the first day I travelled to Portharcourt. It’s not enough that I’m scared of flying but after much delay and a pack of chips, it was a late flight. Worse.

I was super scared. Prayed like never before and couldn’t resist holding the hands of the ‘never-to-be-seen’ stranger seated close to me….This was before the pre-DANA wahala and it was not a fun ride.

Was so happy being in PH eventually, it was an official trip and I was super glad when the PH office driver came to pick me up…

Me and My friend stopped over to buy some food and just at the next turn leading to my hotel, we saw them…

The amazing ladies who ‘for one reason or the other’ prefer standing at the middle of the road, at night to sell sex.
You would see them there, in different shapes, old and young, dressed in the most little attire without fear for their lives…
We passed by them that night to the ‘posh’ part of PH and the next morning, I wondered what were they were doing?


My sister travelled to Bayelsa, the other day to visit her friend from school. She, her friend and her friend’s hubby, Obi, were on their way to the market when all of a sudden, these girls appeared from nowhere. Large breasted and all, they pressed themselves on the window side of her friends husband, not minding the fact that he was with 2 ladies. Shaking his head, Obi sighed and said ‘It’s only in this town that you would see a girl who is a grandma at 32’ (Ok, I know it’s exaggerated but it shows how young some of them are)

Nowadays, they don’t stand at the road side begging for sex, they aren’t the uneducated girls with big wigs and red lips who speaks pidgin English, they aren’t the once you are ashamed to introduce to your friends. Now, they are in school, trying to get a degree and shagging any lecturers just to make an A or a B. If it’s not a lecturer, its random men- fathers, sons, brothers, husbands, flocking the girls hostels for fresh blood, ‘good time’, designer’s clothes or N 50,000.0.


I overheard someone say that fornication is fornication-Whether you sleep with your boyfriend for nothing OR you are being paid for sex. The only difference is you get paid which is more beneficial than get heartbroken over senseless love…


It’s sad seeing girls do this. Even scarier is the ‘boy prostitution’. Gigolos!!

It did not start now. It’s been on for ages, but I wonder, is it that we never learn from history? Are we blind to STD’s? Or have we forgotten God?

Is it not better to have peace from God rather than a troubled conscience?

I’m not judging ‘cos we are all saddled with our individual differences. No man is perfect but I’m just saying that we should stop hurting God and ourselves willingly.

What’s your excuse? Hunger (the one where you get to see stars and your whole body is shaky and you are as thin as an ant) or Hard time (You are at that point where you want to go to school and there is no money and maybe Mom has kidney problem and the doctor says you have to pay in 3 hours) or Is it for a better grade (Sorry, but my question is ‘Why don’t you study rather than let the stench of an old lecturer contaminate you’) or could it be because you were raped (My friend says that sometimes, psychologically thinking, a lady who is raped might engage in this, *not sure though*..) or could it because your friend seems to be progressing from it (You know Mr. A  became somebody from it and so it seems right to you too)? Again, what’s your reason? An abusive home?

Just now, while writing this, my colleague said something interesting, ‘the devil is a great painter, he would paint you a negative picture of what would go wrong if you don’t do stuffs’…
Why don’t we flip the coin around and look at the great stuff, if only we wait on God.

Someone once said, what matters is what drives a man rather than what a man drives…
Where’s respect? What’s the gain? If it was right, I guess prostitution, as a profession, would continue forever, even after marriage, everyone would know and we would wear it as a badge, with pride and let our kids probably engage in it.

It's not fair, though, blaming the prostitutes alone. I've come to realise that 'prostitutes' are victims of circumstances. It's what they are dealt with, and even though subscribing to prostitution is not their best choice, Our selfish nature as humans have probably not helped them. Everyday, they are patronized by MEN and WOMEN- So called church leaders, Government authorities, the Husband of that nice lady, the Office Madam, etc. who is quick to use them. Why can't we be as selfless as the good Samaritan? Why can't we help them because we want to?


I'm not being judgmental, but with a heart of love, I'm saying that "materials things don’t last. New stuffs come and go; it’s your innate values and your God that lasts forever.

Let Go and let God. He loves you much more than you know and he would help you with your fears and worries. Just let Him.

Wait for God. Be content and thankful. Trust in God".

Even if it's difficult, please say NO TO PROSTITUTION. It's time to get the respect you desire....

Dedicated to my aunt ‘Tolu’. I would never forget her shiny hair and nice smelly cloths. We lost her to HIV from an annoying stranger…Hope she inspires you to figure out what’s most important to you.


Thank you so much for reading....