Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Are you in your 20’s or 30’s, maybe 40’s or even 50 years old? Are you single? How many times have you been asked ‘So, who is the guy? Or when are you going to get married?

Do you feel sad or lonely and maybe a lil’ bit jealous that your best friend or younger sister is married and you have to spend another night hugging your pillow and crying your heart out?

Do you assume that every guy you meet is the one and plan a 3-minute cute wedding in your head, only to realise that he's psycho?

Like me, do you have an ‘Aunt Ada’ in your life that always reminds you how miserable you are being single and when you say ‘I don’t think there’s anything wrong being single’, she would call down all the saints on you….

It’s not so easy being a single lady. Yes, LADY. Because when it comes to marriage and relationships and all that, it’s like ‘Guys, take the back seat. No pressures.’ But for the ladies, it’s always, ‘you are not getting younger and nobody will marry an old woman’, ‘your biological clock is ticking and soon you will lose all the eggs’, ‘Once, you are 30, no guy will look at you twice’…

Sometimes, the pressure can be insurmountable and it breaks my heart to see girls lower their standards for something as this. It’s crazy!!! It’s even crazier seeing girls date/ marry ‘MR. SO OBVIOUSLY WRONG’ just to please certain people.
It happened to my friend. Apparently, she was advised not to marry this guy but she LOVED him-He lived in America and had a big house and she was pregnant for him. He used to hit her but in her words ‘He will change’. Eventually, they got married. He didn’t change but kept abusing her physically, emotionally and otherwise. The insults kept coming in even when he was in faraway America. And she never got to experience the American dream like she thought she would. Eventually, she divorced him. Her parents didn’t want it though. But when I asked her, she said ‘if I die, the same people that say I should stay with him are the ones that will pour sand over my grave’. And my next question was ‘then why did you marry him in the first place?

Being a lady nowadays is hard but I always remind myself to LOVE GOD FIRST AND TO TRUST IN HIS PLANS.
It’s not easy. But whichever way you look at it. God’s time is the best.

Being single is not a time to kiss all the frogs in the ponds. It’s the time to love the one who loves you most, God.
Being single is not the time to listen to all humanly wisdom there is on dating and relationships, it’s the time to listen to God and His amazing plans for you.

Being single is not the time to hug your pillow at night and fear your future but it’s the time to trust God and cultivate that amazing lasting faith in Him that you will need forever.
Being single is not the time to wish you had married 'Denzel Washington'; it’s the time to get your act together and make 'Denzel' wish he had you.

Trust me, forget the smiley faces and picture perfect homes, staying married is a lot of hard work. If it was so easy, the divorce rate wouldn’t be as staggering as it is now.

So, the next time you are asked ‘when are you inviting us to eat your wedding cake or where is the bobo?, tell them, God is writing your love story and His time for you is perfect.

I want to share these pictures with you. Got them from an amazing FB page, confessions of a single Christian (Please, like their page too!!!!).



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