Friday, 5 April 2013

‘Coals of shame on their heads….’

Why are some people EVIL? Why some are people so ‘UNGRATEFUL’? Why are some people ‘USERS’- Only ‘loving you’ up when they need your help and after that they are ‘MIA (Missing in your life)? Why are some people just plain old ANNOYING? Why are some people so happy in my DOWNFALL? Why do some people act like DEVIL's on earth?

We can keep hanging on to our many WHYs…It can go on and on and on….Never ending…We can read all the many books written by the greatest sages in all of the world, but one thing is true…Evil-Ungrateful-Users-who-are-just-plain-old-annoying-and-derive-joy-in-our-downfall-which-makes-them-devils-on-earth will always exist. They are there at every turn and in every place.
Maybe, they are our so-called friends or relative or workmates, maybe, at one point in our life, if we are being honest, we've been that, plain old annoying.

They would always be there.

So, how do treat them!!!


God’s word puts it this way ‘If your enemies are hungry, feed them. If they are thirsty, give them something to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals of shame on their heads.’ (Romans 12:20)...#word

My friend said something profound this morning. He said ‘Invest in good because tomorrow will remember’.

Whatever you do in life, do it for you and God and for tomorrow…not for ‘Mr. Mean old Annoying’ or for ‘Devil Charming’...But for your relationship with God (which is super important) and your peace of mind....

Love is ‘Covering up all sins. It’s giving others a clean slate even when they annoy you over and over again’.

Honestly, God gives us a clean slate all the time, even when we don’t deserve it. How much more us loving others, even when they don’t deserve our smile?

Evil-Ungrateful-Users-who-are-just-plain-old-annoying-and-derive-joy-in-our-downfall-which-makes-them-devils-on-earth will always exist. Some might change, some might not……But continue treating them with kindness…

God sees, hears and knows…Do your part, pray for the person….

Not easy though. Geez, sometimes, it’s easier to write this than to apply it (Argh!!! being honest), that’s why my new prayer is ‘Dear God, please help be like you…To love and treat others the way you treat us, most especially the 'unlovables'….in Jesus name, Amen!!!!

You agree?

I guess it’s true, this saying,  ‘To love truly is to love someone at that moment when you don’t feel like giving it…’

Have a beautiful weekend…

Thanks a lot for reading

Hugs and kisses :))