Friday, 12 April 2013


Hello Mes Amis
How you doing? 
So excited it's Friday. You?

Just wanted to share with you my love for Ankara fabric.
If its possible, I'd wear them everyday (OK, not giving up floral chiffon fabric and Jeans!)....

In Nigeria, Fridays are considered 'traditional attire days'....I love that they are allowed at work. I love that our cultural heritage is shown off through what we wear....And I love that more and more people all over the world are drawn to the Ankara...

I'm a cultural girl...And even though I'm crazy about Jeans and Floral chiffon's...The Ankara gets me tingling always.

Like they say, 'however far a stream flows, it never forgets its origin'.- Yoruba Saying :)

Cultural Day Pics :)

Me and my new fave thing....Dum, Dum, Dum.....

My beautiful friend hellene sporting a bful cultural wear during her sis trad wedding....Oh! She blogs too...Check her out HERE

I really love my new ankara-nised dungarees....

A lil intermission...*sticking out tongue*

The mix and match of the lil  dress get me everytime :)

But its the fabric I love most....Feeling like a rainbow :)
Hello Sunshine :)

my sister, zoma designed this....

Cleopatra Love.....
My purple ankara Maxi Gown :))

I adore this skirttttttttttttttttttt :) You like?
Though I consider myself a citizen of the world, It's nice to be identified with something and for me, it goes beyond the beauty of being an earthly being, its belonging to one of the most beautiful places on earth....Africa....

Even though its sometimes crazy, I still love Nigeria :))

Food for thought: If granted the opportunity, would you switch your Nationality?

Sooooooo grateful for today. You?

In your spare time, read 1 John 4:10 (Gods love is so amazing)

Have a beautiful weekend...

Oops, welcoming the weekend with a Pop of Green....Yayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!


Thanks a lot for reading ;))