Friday, 13 September 2013


Hello Les Amis :)

How are you doing?

First of all, let me say I'm so sorry.....

Haven't blogged in a while (~covers face~)...So sorryyyyyyyyyy.....

How are you :D ?

So today, I got a really good advise from a friend of mine. He's about getting married and he says most times, he  asks his fiancee the following questions: 

1. Honey, am i doing anything you hate?
2. If yes, please could you give me the right of first refusal?

He believes in second chances and that rather than 'write him off' for his stupidity, His 'wifey' should give him a trial...You know, 'the right of first refusal' opportunity to prove that he is better and will get better.....

I love how God gives us the right of first refusals over and over again....I love how when we mess up, He choose to love us over and over again (when we honestly repent and return to him)....

Mind blowing right? 
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In our everyday life...could you offer people the right of first when someone offend you and all you want to do is 'break their head'....could you forgive and give them a second chance....?

However, does this 'dear right' apply to someone who commits a hideous crime, like a rape or a heartbreak or something really 'evil'?

What's your thoughts?

Always think, What would God do?

Thanks a billion for reading....Hugs :)