Friday, 25 April 2014

#bringbackourgirls !!!

I am just a girl, she is too
I will grow up to be a woman, she will too
I am free, she is not
I am home, she is trapped

In the distance, I play with my friends,
Running to mama and papa as each day ends, praying these memories won’t stop.....
In the distance, I see her cry, longing for ma or pa, begging Mr. Monster to stop.

I am just a kid, she is not,
Aged by seen wickedness, begging Papa in heaven to make it stop.

She is maid, a slave, sex tool...her crime being in school, being a girl, being a child?
And I am princess, surrounded by the norm in my world,

I am just a girl, she is too...
I will grow up to be a woman, she will too,
I am free, she is not,

I am me, she is statistics
I am me.......she is number 1, 2, 3, 4..........234
I am happy....she is sad
I make my choices.....she doesn’t
I am free...she is afraid...
#Savethechildren! #bringbackourgirls!

Feeling a little sad about the little girls abducted recently by Boko-haram. Where are they? What’s going on with them? Why were they taken? Why aren’t we looking for them, state - state, house - house? What's the government doing? 

I hate how we refer to them in numbers. 234 girls were abducted, that’s what the news says...These are real, feeling beings, children, you know?

I wonder what her name is, her favourite colour or hobbies. I wonder if she fought a boy or had a favourite meal or if her best-friend is with her...
I wonder if she was moms pet, a dreamer, a talker, a writer...

My heart breaks every time I think about these little ones, these jewels.
I am so thankful to God for the 34 or so that have returned home.

Please join me in regular prayers for these little ones, that they be returned safely and be free. 

Yes, I believe in ‘rainbows-over-cloud’. I can’t wait to see them, these beautiful ones free. You?

Image Source: Google Images
Stay safe!