Friday, 17 February 2012

~ AWWW ~

I just watched one of the most romantic film ever...(Awww, want to get married too)...Its Bollywood again (Please don't blame me, we had our regular NEPA wahala, was bored, so I decided to watch something lovey dovey...)...Awww...Well, this one is called ‘Anjaani Anjaana’ meaning ‘girl boy’...I don’t think I can explain it much, you just have to watch it...Ok, I know you don’t like their songs or you think its long, blah blah... Well, I will gist you and try to make you watch it as well..It’s about Kiara and Akash (for those that don’t know, me and Akash are married ~batting eyelids~)...Two strangers who met on the bridge to commit suicide. Akash was a Wall Street guy who was affected by the economic depression affecting New York and Kiara was betrayed by her fiancĂ©e. They met and decided to die together (5 attempts, they hated life that much sha???)...But after much, they decided to live a little bit and try dying again on New Year’s Eve. They decided to fulfil each other’s wish on what to do before dying (swam on the Atlantic, skating, went to a gay club ~it’s not what you are thinking, some guys stole their car and they went to get it back, and fell in Love)...The ‘fall in love part’ was my favourite (Loved the proposal, Oh my God)...Anyways, I loved the story. Its 2 hours long and I was hooked all the way...

I even liked their original poem
‘What wish is one that can be easily obtained
What wish is one that can be easily obtained
Where there is no struggle in fulfilling it
Which once attained should feel like an achievement
Or else life just goes by.’
Yup I loved the story. I think you should watch it.
The story taught me to stop worrying about things much (Even Jehovah supports that) and live my life. There is much that life offers us, though there are a billion interferences (Another day story). But we should live life all the same.
While watching the movie, I started thinking about what I want to do before I die...I want to be happy in the long run you know.
So here is my list

1.    Finish the bible; Important
2.    Get a guitar; Must
3.    Tour the world; Must do, really want to see the (hey, don’t blame me)
4.    Go to Las Vegas; Yeah its part of touring the world. But I love the sin city.
5.    Also visit Erin Ijesha in Ekiti State; Really want to go there... (It’s got the most breath-taking view)
6.    Get married and have the most beautiful kids; Hey boyfriend if you are reading this, know that I love you much to have a never ending story with you.
7.    Learn a foreign language; at least one (already working on my french)...
8.    Karaoke; Really shy though
9.    Win something; Ok, I’ve got an award once but hey you know the one billion Naira promo stuff they advertise on TV (big grins)...
10.  Ice skating
11. Go on a merry go ride
12. Hit bull point on my dart board (No one has achieved that yet)
13. Write a novel..(Have to stop procastinating though)
14.  Take painting lessons (Inspired by Ishan~smiles~)
15.  Visit the orphanage
16.  Meet a president; (planning to be one, Vote for me when it's time ~winks~)
17. Get a tattoo; (NAH)
18. Learn salsa (froggy four eyes zeezat just suggested it...)...should I???
The list goes on. Will update the list as soon as soon as something crazy enter my head (Oh yeah, bungee jumping)...Remember, fun, spontaneous and adventurous are the watchwords...No regrets...
Work time...
Have an awesome day...