Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Banana’s, mangoes, watermelon, chicken and vegetable soup, plantain, and ice cream –these are a few of my favourite things.

Last night, I was having a craving for ice cream, serious craving for an ice cream and then I checked the fridge and Lo and Behold, Supreme vanilla and strawberry ice cream ~Yummylicious~(It actually belongs to my sister but I took some anyway~and I did not steal it because I told her and she allowed me to~ It was so sweet).Had it while watching Johnny English Reborn (One of my best nights ever)...Hahahaha
I always crave for God’s words too; I always feel that if I don’t read the bible ~even if it’s one verse~ I won’t feel complete.
I have uncountable cravings; unfortunately 90% of them are edible. I’m an incurable sweet tooth (and I’ve got the perfect set of teeth ~aren’t I lucky-no dentist et al? ~ big Smiles~).
So, what are your cravings??? My baby sister can’t do without noodles and eggs.
Great day...Please don't eat too much...