Monday, 20 February 2012


I remember coming home from one of our famous excursions organised by my primary school to a pink box of story books. I was so glad and couldn’t wait to start reading and drawing the pictures in them (I loved the seven dwarfs and I’m sure you will marvel at the pictures I have of Sneezy and Happy). It was a cherished treasure even though I can’t find them now.
These treasures, otherwise called cartoons have always been a part of me and my family (Except for mom). From the Snow white days (Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is cutest of them all? Yup, me ~Ha~), to Cinderella (We all wish to be her), Rapunzel (My hair isn’t as long ~sad~), sleeping beauty, beauty and the beast, little mermaid, Tom and Jerry and the Walt Disney crew.

Well, papa usually bought such books for us to improve on our reading habits and vocabulary (uhmm, i think to make us happy too), though, I wish we did the 'bed-time story thing' (You know, where you had a story read to you till you fell asleep ~tears~) like in the movies. Still, I love my fairy-tale stories. I remember writing my own ever-after stories and wishing I was Barbie- how can I ever forget her?
As I grew older though, I was introduced to the world of Barney and friends, Voltron (One of my favourite action figure), and the Flintstones. Still yet, the world needed saving and man’s brilliant imaginations created action heroes like Spider Man, Green lantern, Captain America, Batman and Robin and News reporter-Clark Kent in superman.
I was hooked for a while to these action heroes but I kind of fell out of love with them  and in Love with Mulan (the Chinese warrior, it was my favourite cartoon for a while though), the Dalmatians (I guess there is a Crueller in our lives), Anastasia, Scooby Doo (World’s best dog), Pocahontas and John Smith and Pinky and the Brain (Are you thinking what I’m thinking?).
Right now, my love for cartoons isn’t lesser as it still tugs at the child in me even though it’s strange (My sister says so), I look forward to Symbiotic titans, laugh at Sponge Bob’s Jokes, and fascinated by Ben Tennesen in Ben 10. I think I watched all the cartoon movies created last year. It's that 'bad'.
Yup, still love me cartoons (watched tangled and puss-in-boots yesterday) and hope to create one (I'm a big advocate of you can do whatever you set your heart to do with God's help). Surprisingly, you will be amazed at what you can learn from them. In fact, people are asked cartoon-related questions on ‘who wants to be a millionaire’- your next million might depend on it.

So, why don’t you take time out to remember your childhood cartoony days?

Have a great monday...

Love you...