Tuesday, 21 February 2012

MY attempt at POETRY...

Today is poetry day and I have an original I want to share (Please don’t laugh)... But before I do that, I want to tell you about Froggy four eyes. She’s really good at poetry. I’ve read some of her original and she’s one to look out for. Still don’t know why she doesn’t want to show case her stuff in bogo biri- The beautiful African bar in Ikoyi where people with different talents showcase their stuff. I remember going there with Hellene and Azeezat; we watched several performances ranging from poetry  to music, spoken words, guitar playing, etc. People are really good. One guy did spoken words for his wife, tres romantic (I wish I was in her shoes. It was beautiful. Mike, where art thou???).
Well, it’s been long since I’ve been there so I’m honing my poetic skills for next time. Who knows, I might not get booed...Hahahahaha
So today, I’m going to attempt writing one (Already hearing my sister’s laughing at me)...
Burn, burn fire burn
Says the maid as she twist and turn
Aiming for the blue flame
While minding the eye pain
Red flame, yellow flame and black sooth
She tries to evade while thinking of her brown flute
Aha, here is the blue flame
At least there is no more pain
She says, now I can try out my new notes
While my flame boils the oats.

So, how did I do??? not futile i guess...(HA HAHA HA)

Have a great day...