Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A Rango Audit...

All my fave friends call me 'Rango' (and no I don't look like a lizard)...Aside from the fact that it is one of my 'bestesttt' cartoon of all time, the name calling started with me. I used to be fond of calling people 'Cow' (Crazy right?). Like when they do silly things, I say 'Cow'.

And then 'Rango'- the movie premiered and I was looking forward to seeing it. And I finally did. Like, watched it every Friday for 3 weeks, literally.

So, Zeezat, my friend at work noticed this crazy love for Rango and then whenever I call her 'Cow' she says 'Rango'. Before, I knew it, Everyone at work started calling me Rango :-(

Learnt the hard way...

Retaliated by calling her 'froggy four eyes' though ;-)

Back to the Rango audit...By Rango, I mean moi (even though I hate to admit it...)...Was chatting with my genius friend Gabe (By the way he has this strong sense of perception) and then he asked me why I was always in a hurry...(Funny thing was this morning my sister said the same thing "One thing at a time, you are always in a hurry").

Truth is, they are right...I tend to take on a billion things even at short notice which can be overwhelming, stressful and can lead to a lot of worrying...Like Madonna says "Sometimes, I feel faster than a ray of light".

So, I asked Gabe for help and he says..."Sorry, can't help you with this one. It's your horse, control its reins (Aren't friends supposed to help out with all issues...sighs). Do a 'Rango' audit".

Rango audit???

Did that on my way to work, had 10 non-conformance's (hehehehe) and will make a few adjustments in my life.

I've decided to take life slowly. You know enjoy every moment in life. Besides, some mistakes are made when you take the 'hurry route or fast lane', right?...and to stop calling names (I'm such an angel...~batting eye lids~)...

So, do a 'Rango audit' on yourselves.  Be honest about it and follow through with correcting your non conformance's.

Take a breathe of fresh air. Relax. Pray. Love.

Cool. This audit is working (the training wasn't a waste after all...but auditors aren't supposed to audit their work, right???...hehehehehe)...

Have a relaxed day...