Friday, 13 April 2012


Not a big fan of politics. Heck! Hate talking about politics as well but I think yesterday's charade is worth discussing.I had my day planned out.
Lunch break  (check)
Museum (check)
Means of transport (Uhmm, that will be sorted out when I get to the bus stop)

If only I had a fore sight of what was going on outside my small office cubicle.

Lo and Behold, the bus stop was packed with people (like a gazillion people was there) waiting for a bus or a motor bike at least.

It was crazy. After standing for 15 minutes (Did I say it was 40 degrees hot? ), I lost all hope of still making it to my beloved museum. I gave up.

Some others decided to walk to TBS (the final stop) which is about 45 minutes away. Crazy!!!! Walk in that weather.

I decided to go take ice cream and ask what was going on.
And then someone said 'the first lady is in town'.

Seriously, Grannies and Kids should walk under harsh conditions because the first lady is in town.
People should be stuck in traffic because the first lady is in town.

I think I will agree with what someone said on the radio 'Let's discourage this show of shame'.
Yeah, I get that she was here for our good but are we supposed to stop living 'cos of her presence. I understand that we have security issues in Nigeria but can't they find an alternative to securing her without disrupting our lives. (Just stating my opinion)
I was angry yesterday.
Hopefully, someone somewhere will do something about this.

Thank God it's Friday...
Rihanna- Cheers (Drink to that)

And hey, no abuse of power.