Tuesday, 10 April 2012


The holiday is over. Already?
(Sighs) Why do good things come to an end? Aargh!!!
Well, I am grateful to God for the laughter and Joy I experienced during the Easter break. (Though I wish I slept in a little more today. I couldn't stop yawning at work... Hehehehe).

Easter Monday was fun as it was the Lagos Black Heritage Festival. The theme for the show was 'EKO FOR SHOW'.

In my opinion, The Calabar Festival  is still the best  in Nigeria but 'We lagosians no dey carry last sha' ;)


The festival started on the second of this Month and it puts Lagos on the world Map as there were lots of activities such as boat riding competitions at the water regatta, Italian art exhibitions and stage plays at Freedom Park and the colourful parade which was held yesterday.


Painted moi :))
Children Parade!!!

Really enjoying the show...

Winged Lady...

You like???

Ninjas of the show...

Yellow People...sunshine...
Is that a 'Flower' Costume???

Too heavy???

The lady in red

Here comes the riders!!!
White Swan

That's a telephone...

I like...
 Even though I didn't stay till the end of the show. I was kind of impressed with what I saw. The music was blasting ( I even boogied to some).

Glad to be back at work though (No more whining)..
Enjoy the rest of the week.

Life is a festival only to the wise - Ralph Waldo Emerson (Quotes)