Friday, 6 April 2012


Do you ever dream of becoming 'something' bigger than what you are now?
Do you feel 'scared that your dreams would not be achieved?
Do you wonder if you are on the right path and doing the right things to help you achieve your dreams?
Uh-mm, unless you enjoy being stucked in the past or are being diseased by the frog syndrome, then I'm sure you do care about your dreams and can't wait to start living it.
Yesterday, my 'sage-y' oga and curious moi had a chat on success, money and life in general. It was an interesting conversation and I got to learn a lot from him.

Catchword- SAGE. So, I think you will learn from our conversation too.

Success means different things to different people. For some, it's money (I just remembered the lyrics of a song 'I want to be a billionaire so bad and buy all the things I never had'), popularity, etc. But why is that even with all the money and fame, some still feel miserable? So, invariable, are you successful when you have cash but no happiness? Well, my boss says that, your success should be measured by how much of yourself you replicate in others (If you a leader, teach others to be the same). It means how much of a giver you are, so much so that, you radiate happiness amongst people (Oprah Winfrey is a classic example. She has so much but she's happier when she gives). Even God says that there is much happiness in giving than in receiving.

Sage-y also said that instilling positive values through our example matters especially when training our kids (Remember, they are the future). They tend to value that more than anything. ( I just finished watching the ultimate's an old movie that teaches lots of values like the importance of hard work, friendship, and so on...please watch a clip of the movie...The ultimate gift ).

Another interesting thing he said was that there's a big difference between an 'entrepreneur and a business man'. The former takes risk. The latter calculates the risks involved in a project before jumping into it. We need a combination of both in our life. But whatever you do, never let fear hold you back  from accomplishing your purpose in life... ;)

Finally, to succeed, you need TIME AND CHANCE. Be patient but never fail to seize an opportunity when you see one. Be smart.

And one more thing. Never forget GOD. He's really important in whatever you do. Success is not complete without Him.

That was my discussion with the sage in a nutshell (Or what I could remember of it...hehehehe). Hopefully, it's been helpful. 

Enjoy The climb to success..

Big hugs :))