Friday, 6 April 2012


See me and my big mouth ooo, I told Ij I was going 2 blog and here I am, stuck, trying to figure out what to write,  when I should be watching vampire diaries or haven and be happy  with myself (Mschewww). 
I'm only writing 'cos I told her that her blog was boring and as her manager,  I was going 2 turn it around 4 her.
 I am not 17 yet, but sometimes, I feel the weight of the world is on my shoulder. 
I'm the last born in this crazy family of 5 women with their individual drama and craziness. From doing the house chores ,and acting as a therapist (for everyone but especially for Ij) and tons of school work, I must say I'm  pretty busy. 
If you are close to Ij then you've probably heard about me. I'm her baby sis Nma (well not really baby since I'm taller and wiser than her). I'm the most swagged out in my family or i like to think so. 
I actually don't know what I'm supposed to blog about, I just know that I'm typing.  So,  if this, has no direction which I guarantee it doesn't 'no vex'.  

I'm just free styling. 
I want to use this medium to say 'i love you Collin Farell' just in case something happens and you read this...
OMG Someone just  FARTED, someone call the marines or the air force. I feel my very existence creeping out of me (laughing) now i believe not all gases are good.
Hugs :))