Wednesday, 30 May 2012


My favourite Picture of the day J...

Isn’t this creative? I love everything about this picture. It’s perfect.

I tried being creative today as well and came up with this.

If I could take back the words

If I could erase this day

If I could be back in your arms

If I would be yours all over again

If I would make you happy

If I would clean those tears

If I weren’t that confused

If I weren’t that selfish

If I weren’t that distracted

If only it doesn’t hurt this much

If only I wasn’t this lonely

If only the hurtful tears wouldn’t burn my eyes

If I could, if I would, if I weren’t, I will do it over again

How did I do? (Honest feedback)...

Explore your creative side peeps.


Another creative video from one of my favourite Artist- Katy Perry

Thanks so much for reading J