Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Hi everyone,

This morning presidential speech was quite a shocker. The great University of Lagos has been changed to Moshood Abiola University Lagos (MAUL). 

There has been lots of rants about this. A lot I must say. Personally, I don't understand why the name of the university was changed. With all that is going on in the country, this should be the least of our worry. 
Well, an aggrieved AKOKITE sent this to me. Thought you should read it too.
It is quite sad that a man I considered intelligent and diligent turned out to be a 'somewhat disorganised fellow'. I am talking about our dear president of Nigeria. I am saying this with reference to his changing the name of my Alma matter from University of Lagos to Moshood Abiola University. It is quite certain from this change that the president doesn't know the importance of a name especially as it greatly affected his fame. 
I am not a politician but I know that there are more important things to do than change the name of a school. For 65 years or more, UNI LAG has been a brand. It has brought about various inter school relations which has increased foreign relations in the country. Changing the name of our school, not only affects the school and the student in it, but the nation as a whole.
This is why I am sending this message to the president, a man I greatly respect and admire to please revert the name of my school to UNI LAG.
I respect the great leader MKO Abiola. I respect his contribution in making Nigeria what it is today. However, there are more important ways of honouring him. I don’t think it’s by changing our name. 
This is supposed to be a happy day for Nigeria. This is our 13th year into the great democratic rule. However, we have several issues that need to be addressed in this nation, e.g., Lack of power supply, insecurity, corruption, unemployment, lack of support to sportsmen and women, poor education, lack of adequate health care and the list goes on. 
Changing the brand ‘ Uni lag’ shouldn't be an issues in our country. The students are protesting. This is not what Democracy should be Mr. President.

Thank you as you heed my plea.
Rest in Peace Professor Sofoluwe...
From a grieved AKOKITE
In my opinion, the name change is not necessary. I know the importance of honouring great people, but 'if they were alive, will they be happy with the present situation of things? Will they love to be honoured in this state? Also, who made the decision to change the name of the school or was it a one-man decision?

I love democracy because of the freedom it affords but truthfully, today's act doesn't feel democratic.

What's your thought?

Thanks for reading :)
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