Monday, 28 May 2012


Awww!!!poor egg...
How was your day?

Do you think you are an egg head? Sometimes I think I am. I make random decision without thinking through, get angry at 'annoying people' (Please, don't blame me, there are a billion in this world) and I say the wrong things which usually lands me in hot water (*sighs*).

Other times, I feel so fragile and say 'yes' to everyone even when I don’t want to. Still, I can be hard and stubborn about my opinion which can be displeasing to some people.

Do you still think you are not an egg head?

Like Kelly Clarkson says 'no one is a picture perfect'. I'm not. But I try to do the right things and be myself.

Egg head or not, my therapy is total reliance on God, being yourself and thinking before you talk.

Most importantly, never try to please anyone. Let them love you for who you are. Egg head or not.

Do I make sense? J

Oh well...Song for the day- Dark side by Kelly Clarkson

Thanks for reading J