Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Good Morning Dear,

Happy Democracy day to you (If you are in Nigeria). 

What is Democracy? By popular opinion, democracy is a government of the people, for the people and by the people. This means that, the people are a major factor in any decision that is being made by its government.

Nigeria became a democratic nation on May 29th 1999. 13 years down the line, have we fared well as a nation democratically? Are the people being considered before the government makes any decision?

I asked a friend these questions and he sent me this picture.
Too much promises but we fail at keeping them...
To be fair, we have our problems as a nation. Even our dear president admits it. Lack of steady power supply, insecurity, corrupt leaders, etc. is just a few of our peculiar issues. However, several laws that will serve to improve Nigeria such as the Local Content Act have been enacted. With this, Nigerian technologies and people are considered first when dolling out contracts which has the rippling effects of more 'made in Nigeria' goods and services as well as more employment.

No country is perfect. We all have our rainy days. At least, we exercise our freedom and rights in Nigeria. Today, Nigerians protest when things are wrong. We have credible news organizations that aren't afraid of telling the truth. I don’t think that will be possible in a military regime?

We can only grow together as a nation. Be joyful together when our football team, Super Eagles, wins a cup. Cry together when our people in the north die. We learn to be free from oppression together. That’s the beauty of democracy- A government where every voice matters.

That's my opinion. What's yours?

Have a happy democracy day. If you are looking for where to hang out, try Artwyn’s exhibition (Remember my piece on ‘From Eko with love’). Help support our Artist.

One of my favorite Naija Song- Rainy days

Thanks for reading J