Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Happy May day everyone :)

At least we regular 'white collar' people get to rest from so much work (though I've got tons of work to be done at home :( *the travails of this working kid*. I'm grateful for the break)

So, I was thinking about something the other day...A lot of us have one form of talent or the other. Our talents are our passion and we love it. Still, we are loyal to our '8-5' job ('cos we get paid), thereby having little or no time to satisfy our 'talent' or 'passion'.

I asked my friend about it and she said she would pick money any time over her passion (In her opinion, the more money she gets, the closer she is, in fulfilling her passion). In as much as I try to understand her opinion on it, should that be our buy-in as well? 

Which would you pick; Your passion, where you find fulfilment in but might not get immediate monetary benefits OR a regular JOB, where you are sure of a steady income but might not find fulfilment in or even love???

Read this interesting Blog Post from the Harvard Business Review. It sheds more light on this.

Have a great holiday...

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Remember; even the smallest step can change everything...
Happy international workers day...