Monday, 21 May 2012

Ring of Fire

Hi Everyone,
How are you?
A lot happened this weekend. From the crazy earthquake that occured in Italy to Mark Zuckerberg's (Facebook CEO) wedding to long time girlfriend, Priscilla Chan.
Did you hear of the death of Robin Gibbs (A member of the Bee Gees), yesterday? (Will miss him). Also, there is a protest in Manila over Lady Gaga's concert
The news that struck me today is the solar eclipse that occured in Asia and the US. Wish I lived in either place so that I can experience the eclipse as well. It's been long since we've had one in Nigeria. Today's esclipse has been dubbed the Ring of Fire by some.
Really pretty...
In memory of Robin Gibbs, Please enjoy one of my favourite Bee Gee Song

And finally, a lesson we can learn from Chelsea 'Robert Di Matteo':
Robert Di Matteo was "Sacked" by West Brom FC, "Rejected" By Birmingham City FC, "Humbled" to become an Assistant in Chelsea FC, then became the first coach in history to "Lead" Chelsea to UCL Cup. (Key words:  Sacked, Rejected, Humbled, Lead).
 He did not declare himself the "Special One" nor did he call himself the "Messiah". His wages per month was 20 times less than what the "Special one" was paid to achieve this success (including advert honorariums) .
British PM celebrating Chelsea's win at the UEFA League...
He did not sign a "single player" in fact, some of the teams' best players' got suspended for the final UCL match.
He was unassuming. When asked how he felt after winning the UCL cup he said " I thank West Brom FC for sacking me and appreciate Birmingham FC for rejecting my application as coach thereafter".
Today & always; Remember that nothing lasts for a long time. Just keep holding on. Rely on God. It is well.
Have an awesome day...

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