Tuesday, 22 May 2012

It's Like Throwing Dart's

Last year, I bought a dart board (saw it, loved it and bought it). I’ve never hit bull's eye (Don't know why). My sister has though, and I promise I will keep throwing till I do that (next on bucket list). Anyways, I realised that a lot of what we do in life can be parallelled to a dart board. Basically, we can learn a lot from the dart board. Let me explain.
It takes focus to throw a dart. If we want to succeed in life, we need to be focused. We need to be resolute to make it no matter what. We need to keep our eye on the goal so as to hit our mark. We should never allow side attractions to deter us from whatever our goal is.

It takes energy to throw a dart. Whatever we do in life, we must put in effort to yield result. A great model cannot remain one if she doesn’t take care of her body. He can’t graduate from medical school if he doesn’t study hard. I can’t be a great writer if I don’t think and write about something. Remember, it’s like mounting bricks together to make a home. That extra effort counts.
Practise makes perfect. For people like me, it took some time to give a perfect throw but I am good at it now. It’s the same with life. Never ever give up. Remember the last item in the mythical Pandora box, "hope". It works. As long as there is life, there is hope. In the words of Aaliyah ‘dust yourself up and try again’. Keep trying till you hit bull’s eyes.
Be wary of what impression you leave on people. I’m already missing my dart board because I know that over time, it will become weak and wouldn’t hold the darts because of its punctured holes (which is a lot by the way). So like those holes, we have to leave a good impression on people. Don’t injure their souls by making snide comments. Be nice. Be friendly. In the long run, they will thank you for it.
So, get a dart board, give her a name (Mine is Jana) and good luck in hitting bulls eyes.
Have a great day.
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Thanks for reading :)