Friday, 29 June 2012

Just YOU!!!

Hi Everyone,
How was your day? 
Apart from the 'constant traffic' on my way back from work, it was a fun day :=) I'm grateful...

So, its the weekend again (woop woop!!)...Time to hang out with friends, probably sleep or like me, dance but remember that in whatever you do 'Pay attention to yourself first'. Sometimes, we forget to do that- 'Take care of ourselves'. So, this weekend, I implore you to praise yourself. Tell yourself, you've done a good job no matter what others think. Take yourself out and be happy with yourself :=)

Basically, enjoy being YOU.

Glad its Friday...More sleep and Dance...
Officially, my new favourite song is 'Bottom Belle' by Omawunmi and flavour...I love the video too..
Nice, right?

On a final note, remember the words of Viola Davis in the movie 'the help'-"You is kind, You is smart and You is important". I also want to include 'You is beautiful'.

Thanks a lot for reading and have yourself a wonderful weekend.