Thursday, 21 June 2012


I spend my lunch time reading, listening to music, writing, watching something or 
just thinking...thinking about anything...

Lunch today was scheduled for 12. I had it planned in my head. I would have rice and watch ‘Common dreams’ on CNN freedom project. And, it happened the way I wanted it to except I kept on watching the freedom project and wept for the human race.

I can relate to Nicki Minaj’s word in her song- Moment for life ‘I’m not lucky, I’m blessed’. I’m truly blessed. But what about my ‘family’ on the other side of the Atlantic? What’s going on in Bosnia, Mauritania, Mozambique, Syria, Egypt, Haiti, etc? Even at home, in Nigeria, there’s chaos in the North.

I feel the loss of the child in Syria who never got the chance to grow-up; the tears of the Bosnian Women who is recovering from war; the beautiful Haitian land and its people that aches for its lost glory; didn't believe in Modern day slavery till I heard the cries of people all over the world comforting the Mauritian women with the words-‘Nahana Maakum’ meaning ‘We are with you’.

I’m tired of too much ‘Talking’. I’m tired of ‘ Hearsay's’. I’ve been clinging on to the endless rope of hope, waiting to be pulled up. My arms ache and my heart is contrite...

What can I do? What can we do? My Sensei always says ‘Lean on the last item of the Pandora box. Hope. It works’.
Hopefully, hope will never disappoint those hoping in it and just like in the story of the phoenix, we will see the rebirth of a better world.

This is as far as I go...I am lucky. I know you are too. But, what about the others?

I can only say that, no matter what, 'NAHANA MAAKUM'- WE ARE WITH YOU and we love you.

Thanks a lot for reading J