Saturday, 21 July 2012

Is this safe?

Hi Everyone,
How's your weekend so far?
Today was priceless. I loved hanging out with the s0-said family (Well done Mrs. Banks!!!)...
Anyway, here are some 'disgusting' pictures I took on my way out...Please what do you think?

The foot of the bridge.

 This is a cross section of 'ILASAMAJA BRIDGE, Lagos'. Heard the bridge was repaired last year, but look at it now. You can see passing cars through the hole on the bridge. People use that bridge- the white collar guys, sellers and even beggars. Is this SAFE to use? 
Even the foot of the bridge is an eyesore. What happened to ' Our SAFETY' and 'Decent bridges'?

Mast in a building (CMS, Lagos)...
Are there safety implications in having a mast in a residential building? Please read this article.
Aside from the fact that the houses in that vicinity is Jam-packed. There is a mast inside one of the buildings there. Yes. A MAST.

Again, I ask. Is this SAFE?

I love God. I believe in His grace. But I also think we need to start catering to our needs and improving on our situation. Don't wait till people die and say 'Sorry' before you do something.

Please share this till someone sees it and something is done about it. Please help save a life.

If everyone Cared- Nicklebach

Remember, when you gamble with your safety, you bet your life :)

Thanks a billion for sharing and also for reading :) Hugs!!!!