Thursday, 19 July 2012

Dance By Janelle and Dejan...

I'm not a dancer...can't differentiate my right foot from my left foot when it comes to dancing...but I know that whenever I decide to learn, Dejan tubic and Janelle Ginestra would be my go-to people...They are awesome...I think all dancers are, from  Kaffy and Wale 'the rubber man' in Nigeria to all the others in the world...I wonder how they learn their art.

My sister has me hooked to Dejan and Janelle's You tube page...Please watch and marvel at their creativity, maybe we 'non-dancers' can learn something too...
Do you like????

"Dance isn't something that can be explained in words.
It has to be danced."

- Paige Arden

Thanks a lot for reading..Hugs!!!