Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Just Rants!!! :(

Couldn't help but rant about this. Today in the punch newspaper, I read that the FG has overruled NYSC's decision on redeploying corps members from radical states. It's crazy. Its wicked. Its heartless. What ever happened to 'human sympathy'? 
Please read an excerpt of the statement made by the minister of youth development, Alhaji Abdulkadir:

And in pursuance of a deliberate policy to set up something that will always and continue to integrate Nigerians and bring about harmony amongst Nigerians, among other things, the framers of the 1979 Constitution deemed it fit to make the NYSC law part of the constitution.
” So if you are going to make any amendment to the NYSC or alter anything, you have to alter the constitution. That is the position.
“In that regard, posting of corps members to states, apart from their own, except in some special circumstances, is governed by the law and must be adhered to.”
He recalled that many Nigerians died during the civil war.
The minister stated, “Don’t forget that a number of people went to the civil war. A number of Nigerians went to the war front they were killed they left families.
“There are people who up till now who for no fault of theirs because by circumstances they were born during the period of the war they were not armed they got incapacitated. They have disabilities and they are living with those disabilities because of the war. This is a sacrifice to the nation.”
What sacrifice? If given the choice, do you think the 'civil war heroes' would want to die? Would you let your children serve in those states? Would you even live there? 
I'm not against corpers going to the North (After all, it used to be really peaceful) but for now, with all the craziness going on there, please keep Nigerian youths safe.
I disagree with involving people in a war that is no fault of theirs. 

What do you think about the FG's decision?

Fela where art thou ..May God save us.

Thanks for reading..hugs :)