Thursday, 12 July 2012

Living the vida...

Ekaro Everyone,

I was opportuned to write another article for BG's newsletter in the corporate naija column (Yayyy) 

What do you think about it?

I was watching TV when Bella called. I was really surprised to receive her call. My ‘once in a while’ friend, I thought to myself. We hung out, less and less, since the days of our youth service and her calls were less frequent as the days went by: but she was my friend. ‘Hi El, how you dey?’ I asked her. She was sobbing on the phone. I panicked this time, my heart racing.  I just heard about the Crash at Agege. Oh God. Please!!! ‘Jay, Victor is dead’ she said.
My heart melted as she said that.  Victor was Bella boyfriend. Though we didn’t talk so much, I felt sad. Losing a loved one is not the best feeling in the world.
Like Bella, a lot of us lost people in that crash. Maybe, not directly, but at least we knew someone, who knew someone, that knew someone, in the crash. Or maybe, we narrowly missed that flight. It could have happened to anyone. It’s insane. A lot of shining lights were burnt out in just one moment. Whenever I see the picture of ‘a dear one’ that died in that unfortunate incident, I weep. Like Miranda Lambert said: “They said it will be Ok. But I can’t get over you”.
As ‘Corporate Naija’, we are sent on a lot of official assignments whether by road or by air. ‘We have to get this ‘confidential document’ delivered, our boss tells us. ‘You need to represent the company at this meeting’, the MD would say. ‘I need you in Escravos for a presentation’, the Chairman might say. We are always on the move. We say good bye to our family and hope, yes, hope, to kiss them one last time. That’s the choice we made - to be in the corporate world. The point I’m trying to make is: is my safety guaranteed? Of course, I can’t tell my boss I can’t travel ‘cos of the current state of our transport system (I can imagine the look on his face if I say that) but I’m just thinking out loud...Is my safety guaranteed?
Bus no dey safe (Remember, Lagos-Ibadan wahala); pirates dey disturb for sea; even plane, wey be sharp sharp, dey fall from heaven. Oga, abeg, if I say I no go, shey you go understand?
Well, man must chop. No choice for this matter. So, I’ve decided to live right. Trust in God more. Love more. Hopefully, our government will learn from this experience, make things better and listen to me when I say ‘Na people you dey rule, no use us play dice’.
I love the lyrics of Jeremy Camp’s song:  ‘There will be a day’. Yes, a day with no more tears. A day when friends like ‘Bella’ will not weep. Till that ‘day’ comes. Please be safe.
And if Oga send you go Abuja...?
Please, permit me to stop here.  
 I had fun writing this piece. Is it a good read? 
   Really love my Naija. It's not perfect but We 'good'. 
Do we even have a perfect country in the world? Naija neva tire me reach this little boy in this funny picture...

One step at a time...

Thanks a lot for reading :).... Bear hugs...