Saturday, 14 July 2012


Hi dear,
How was your weekend? Mine was super duper great...
You know that feeling where you read something and you are like 'that's me'...Well, I  just got that feeling with this article from Joyce Meyers.

Please read...

Strife is one of the main weapons the enemy uses against us. I believe there are three things that open us up to a spirit of strife.
1. Our lips: Wrong words spoken at the wrong time can certainly start a firestorm. The more wrong words we pour on the fire, the bigger it gets. One way to stop a fire is to remove the fuel.
2. Our pride: Although wrong words may open us up to strife, it is a proud heart that refuses to be quiet in order to have peace. Pride demands that we have the last word, but the Word says it will lead to destruction (see Proverbs 16:18).
3. Our opinions: We can often get into strife by trying to convince others of our own opinions. When we realize we have much to learn and stop passing out our opinions, we will begin to gain the knowledge we need.
Make a decision to honor God and others by resisting strife and instead pursuing unity and understanding.
Sometimes when I air my opinion, I end up like the Samurai fighters in this picture...It's crazy...
I guess we can't please everyone...My usual remedy for strife is 'going into a shell' but is that really the best?

I love Joyce's article and hope to learn from it (Hopefully)...Do you like her article?

Thanks a billion for reading and enjoy the song for the day...
Saviour Please- Josh Wilson