Monday, 30 July 2012

Mr. Thomas

So tell me, how was your day?
I had fun with my colleagues and watched me some good ol' Tyler Perry movie: Good deeds. Haven't finished it yet? Hopefully tonight.

Talking about movies, my new favourite person in the world is Doctor Viviene Thomas (1910-1985). Learnt about him from the movie 'Something the Lord made' (I plan to watch it again).
He didn't attend college but he turned out to be one of the greatest and innovative Doctors in the world even in the face of intense racial prejudice. He's the most patient yet resilient person I know. Even though he wasn't recognised for his work at the time, Mr. Thomas was still persistent in working towards the accomplishment of his dreams.

Wish I met him....Sighs.

One question I kept asking myself after watching the movie was 'How do ordinary men become supernatural? How can you and me become EXTRA ordinary? 
The answer I got was 'follow your gift, be passionate about it and the sky is your limit'. I agree with that.

Take the example of the partially blind archer from South Korea, Im Dong-Hyan, who beat his own world record and is a favourite at the Olympic game. They say he is blind. That's true. However, he sees better than most of us. 
That's passion. It drives you to accomplish the greatest of task.

I don't mean to sound like a boring Sunday school teacher but this is something we need to remind ourselves- Love what you are doing, work hard at it, and the sky is your limit.

Been talking about me (Sorry). How are you?

Thanks a billion for reading. Hugs.