Thursday, 12 July 2012

The sand fly story :)

Hey Dear,
How was your day?

Wrote this during lunch break. What's your thought on it?

I saw a little sand fly. A tiny dot in the air. He seemed in one place for a while, probably dancing with the wind. My eyes fixated on him, wondering what tune he was dancing to.
Or was he dancing? I thought. Maybe he needed to go out and play, and like a little child scuffling his feet, he was pleading to the inner me.
'Go little one. Go and play with your friends'. I say. I blew him away gently, wondering if he'll come back. Maybe he wouldn't but at least, he'll be happy wherever he is.
Right after lunch, I hung out with my second love 'my camera'...My new fave picture :) 

 Do you like???

Thanks a lot for reading...Hugs!!!