Sunday, 5 August 2012

Broken Wings

Yesterday, I saw a set of blue wings
It was spotted with yellow dusts and a little bit of grey and white here and there
It was perched on the shrubs, sitting and staring away in the sky
I inched closer to it, waiting for this earthly flower to go reach for its dream, the fluttering mirage it’s been staring at in the sky
But it just sat there, unaware of my presence and wishes.
It just sat there.
 I inched closer to it, hoping it would acknowledge my presence.
This time it did, going against nature and obeying gravity.
Then I realized, it’s got a broken wing…
Like the butterfly, have you ever felt broken? I mean- mentally, emotionally, and even physically?
It’s like the broken wings we've got have us stunted and it’s dampened our progress…
Have you ever felt like you are part of some ‘cold war’ and even the losing side loathes you?
Hmm, they say I’ve got a broken wing and for the first time, I would say yes. Maybe, if I agree, I would rest and regain the strength for flight.
Maybe not…
Timon Boodz