Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Good Morning Everyone,
How are you doing? Remember the post, Well done Naija!!!, where I mentioned that more 'savings' need to be done; well, another wonderful lady ,need your saving (By way of money, prayers and awareness). Her name is Debbie and she’s got breast cancer L... Read about her here.
You done reading the story at the attached link? Sad right...
Anyways, to the post of today, The Golden Child Initiative has a wonderful package for the less privilege kids and I think you might be interested in it!!!
Golden Child is a DANCE CITY initiative brought to you by ART FOR CHANGE & SPAN;
Register FREE for the Golden Child Auditions and get a chance to win a SCHOLARSHIP to a Creative Arts Institution to develop your talents:
- Society for the performing arts in Nigeria
- House of Tara Make-up School
- Ten strings Institute of Music
- Fashion & Art Academy
- Concept Computer school
Pick up your forms at any of these venues:
SPAN studio, 1st avenue, Abuja str, Banana Island, Ikoyi (Audition Venue 1); Dance City studios, 1st floor, ikebudu house, otunoba bus stop, lawanson road,Surulere(Audition Venue 2); The Award House(beside mtn) E-Centre Yaba; House of Tara, Shoprite Surulere & House of Tara, Lekki
Remember registration is FREE!!! For more details:www.artforchange.com.ng ; 08032289417. Audition closes Sept 1. (I'm so sorry for telling you at this late hour, My 'big head' friend just told me about it :D)
Someone you know might need this:)
Thank you so much for reading and  for being part of the heroes of humanity...Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!