Sunday, 12 August 2012

Mimi's Day Out

Hi everyone,
How's your day? Had the privilege of spending today with the smartest lil girl in the world. She's 3 and can draw already :)
Well, I learnt a couple of attributes from her. You might find them interesting and apply them in your life as well.
1. Be persistent
'Aunt Ij, please can I have tea?' She asked. 'I'm busy now, can you ask Shina' I replied. Ok...
20 seconds later...
'Aunt Ij, please can I have some tea?' she asked again 
I had to go make her some tea...
Lesson learnt: Do not be scared to demand for what you want. Persistence pays eventually....Keep on keeping on.
2. Be humble and forgiving
'Mimi, don't do that?' Shina screamed. 'I'm sorry. Can I give you a hug?' She replied. Shina smiled.
A kid can only remind you to do that..

3. Be friendly
She spoke with all of my friends today, saying hi and good-bye.
When was the last time you smiled at a stranger?
4. Be creative
Did I mention that she made my hair and make-up?
5. Be fearless
I told her not to go into a room, that there were rats there. She said 'Ok. I'll flog them'.
Be bold and courageous.
6. Be willing to share and exude confidence in everything
7. Be curious
Answered a billion questions yesterday :=)
8. Be energetic
Didn't rest until she slept.  
When was the last time you were excited about life?

Someone said adults are kids grown up. For all you adults out there, please, don't lose your inner child...
Laugh, play and enjoy your life...

Thanks a billion for reading. Mimi and I love U...

Song for today: Price tag by Jessie J and BOB