Friday, 17 August 2012


Hi Everyone,

With the advent of technology, the world has become a global village where in we are back-door neighbors sharing our insights on other peoples thoughts, opinions and lives. Our cyber connections have proved to be soldiers fighting for our needs, and a library where we boost our brain capacity.

We've also been introduced to new words which in my opinion might revolutionize the whole literally planet.

Once upon a time, we used words like; thou, thee, art, etc
Today, we say: The, are, their, search, labels, etc
In the future, we might start replacing 'The' with 'D', 'their' with 'dir', 'Can' with 'cn', 'That' with 'dt', etc...

My friends elder sister scored low on her test score (3/20) because, as her lecturer puts it, 'incorrect spelling'. Every 'You' in her sentence was spelled as 'U'. 

In our world of today, the use of acronyms are the best form of communication and smileys depicts our feeling. 

I was listening to a group of teenagers yesterday and one of them said (Literally) 'Lol. Bart hates her. Sighs.'
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Welcome to the new age word where words like LOL, LMAO, FYI, ASAP, LLNP, etc dominates us.

In my opinion, the world is changing. We once spoke in a certain way during the 'Shakespearean era', who says our current way of speaking won't be phased out as well?
Just saying...

What's your thoughts on this?

Thanks a billion for reading. Hugs!!!!!!!!