Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Takwa, Nia and I

It started out as a beautiful day; a dose of supernatural, a good meal, church and a guitar. 
Then Ukeme called and invited me to the beach. 
He didn't tell me though that it was an all boys affair but it was good being part of the 'boys' for a day.

I had just gotten 'Nia'- my guitar and even though we make a lot 'noise' together, I am determined to help her fulfil her purpose like her name imply. 
The beach is called 'Takwa Bay'. We had to use a speed boat to the beach which was terrifying for the first few minutes (Don't know why I was scared ~the boat was inscribed with 'The Lord is my shepherd'~). I heard somewhere that 'Takwa Bay' was beautiful; I didn't know how beautiful it was, till I got there. It was breathtaking (My opinion). Unlike other 'naija' beach, it wasn't dirty, you can actually swim in it without itching and there's a large field for playing football. 
I wanted to go into the 'Takwa village' but my friend said not to bother. It was Ugly. Besides, People only go inside to 'do bad things' he said. 
The rocks were my favourite part of the beach. I don't know if they were natural or man-made but I loved being on it.
Here are some pictures of my 'Takwa' experience.
My fave picture...God made all things beautiful :)

The 'not so pretty' boat park. No safety concern!!!

Finally conquered my 'hydrophobic disease'. And learnt a lot about big ships...
Girl: 'I'm scrared, please don't let go!!!', Boy: 'Promise never to leave your side, though I'm more scared  than you are' :D 
Our speeding canoe
Lagos from the ocean front
Rock pile
Let's play some football
Met these kids at the beach. Was wondering, Do they live here? Where are their parents?
Me and the boys
Singing 'Taylor swift and BOB- Both of us'
A day well spent!!!
The day climaxed with another scary, bumpy ride back to shore on 'the Lord is my shepherd' speeding canoe but it was ride I would love to relive again!!!

How's your holiday so far :)

Thanks for reading....Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!
I go to nature to be  soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order - John Burroughs